The Dollar Store and Krave

I don’t know which was the more hilarious sighting at the dollar store this morning:

1. Fly swatters with a big fake flower attached to one side of the plastic-mesh panel, so that when they’re hanging on your wall your thoughts will turn to pretty flowers instead of fly guts… or

2. Don DeLillo’s Point Omega, in hardback.

My own purchases were more pedestrian: movie candy (Twizzlers), and otter-pop-like things that are chocolate-flavored.

Speaking of chocolate, a couple of weeks ago Sang and I were walking down the cereal aisle at the supermarket when I said “Heeyyyy!” and veered over to inspect a box of promotionally-priced Krave.two boxes of Krave cereal, priced at $1.99 each Sang was amazed I’d spotted it among the gazillion cereal boxes. Had I seen advertising for it somewhere? I said no: the box just sent out the bat-signal for CHOCOLATE.

I got the double chocolate version (of course). My review: except for a technicality (no frosting), these are Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs! I’m on my second box already, eating them both dry and with milk. Sang’s review: like eating a bowl of milk duds charcoal briquet with cocoa powder…”literally tastes like cardboard.”

Apparently, Krave started in the UK, where they also have hazelnut and chocolate caramel flavors. Lucky ducks!