We Met Violet Beauregarde

Sang and I went to Sunday Parkways in North Portland last weekend. We rode our bikes, and ate ice cream, and watched a magic show, and even stood in line for the free photo booth.

While we were waiting, a friendly blueberry came by to promote…eating blueberries, I guess. I asked her if she felt like Violet Beauregarde. “Yes!” she said, and showed me that she was chewing a piece of gum. She was psyched that I remembered the name, because a couple of people had called her Veruca Salt earlier.

She gets around! (And has a FaceBook page.) Here she is last summer at the Corvallis Farmer’s Market.

3 thoughts on “We Met Violet Beauregarde

  1. How can people confuse Violet Beauregarde with Veruca Salt???

    Love seeing a picture of you and Sang. Very cool. Sounds like a fun time.

    • Thanks! It was the first Sunday Parkways we’d been to– park to park in a nine-mile loop, with so much going on it felt like no distance at all. :)

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