Holly wearing a rain jacket and smiling in a forestFrequent topics:
Books I’m reading, often of the middle grade and young adult variety, and associated thoughts and gossip. Writing. My life in Portland, Oregon. Ridiculous new things I see at the grocery store.

Posting frequency:
More than monthly. Often in waves, as my “I’m going to post EVERY DAY!” enthusiasm ebbs and flows. For a steadier presence, find me on Twitter, @grrlpup .

My blog began on Livejournal, and still crossposts at Dreamwidth under the username grrlpup. This blog is hosted at Blockwire Hosting, a Portland company, and uses the Bosco WordPress theme. I would be grateful to know if you encounter any accessibility lapses.


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  1. Just stumbled on your blog looking for a photo of my grandmother, Emily Cheney Neville, as a child. I can confirm she’s from a wealthy family- the Cheneys of Manchester, CT, though she distanced herself from the trappings of wealth – usually in cut off corduroys and ratty sneakers. You can read about her childhood in the book Traveler from a Small Kingdom. No idea if she ever knew the author of Harriet the Spy. ??

  2. Hey Holly, this Ken. Haven’t been in touch for a long time. The big news on my end is that Dale and I are moving to Palm Springs in just over a month. Would you like to have lunch sometime with KFC, maybe even at a KFC?

    • Ken! Congrats on the move– I would love to get lunch before you go, and I know E would too, KFC or elsewhere. I’ll send you an email to make sure you have our contact info. :)

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