life is a serial

I goofed off at work until I felt compelled to stay late and put together some interview packets so I wouldn’t worry all weekend that our interviewer Jeremy came by to get some and there weren’t any. So then I caught a late bus to the library to pick up my holds and walked home, only to find that the dog had gone beyond his six-hour-or-so limit and peed and pooped on the floor. (He’s, or we’ve, been so good lately, too!) So I cleaned that up and took him out and it felt like a long time before I could sit down with a bowl of cheese puffs and catch up on the internet. Right now I’m about a half hour behind schedule; ideally I would have already posted this and I would be washing dishes or making mac and cheese with garden tomatoes.

(Here I was tempted to tell everyone my Whole Ideal Schedule, but that would make life too easy for the snipers.)

So would you like to know about my current breakfast cereal? Sanguinity and I were at the Fred Meyer marveling at how many varieties of frosted mini-wheats are now available (blueberry! chocolate!), and I spotted the Kellogg’s Frosted Mini Wheats Touch of Fruit in the Middle Mixed Berry. (Link leads to review with the interesting sentence “Maybe this is what happens in the wild when animals chow down on tree bark to find sticky sap and grubs.”)

“Oh, that looks like your sort of thing!” I said to Sanguinity. She likes the granola with dried berries in it. But she said no, it looked like my kind of thing. Apparently I have problems with the self/others concept when it comes to foods I find delicious. And she was right! She had one taste the next morning and said I could have the whole box. She also pointed out that it was like Pop Tarts in cereal form.

I like them, but consider them decadent enough that when they’re gone, they’re gone. On the other hand, I will let myself try a box of the chocolate variety next.

2 thoughts on “life is a serial

  1. Chocolate Mini Wheats are my absolute favorite snack. I eat them dry – never even tried them with milk – and rationalize that they have to be better then the chips and cookies everyone else is eating.

    Our dog has about a six hour bladder limit as well. He has a permanent bladder disease so we haven’t pushed him much past that. It works out though with us home so much. Sorry you had to clean up the mess, that’s never fun.

    • Now I really want to try the chocolate mini-wheats! Elizabeth eats the regular ones dry– more because she’s on the way somewhere and wants to eat in the car than because she really prefers them that way.

      Louie was a 12-hour dog for many years, so we really can’t complain now that he’s an old guy. Fortunately work shifts usually overlap in a way that makes it work.

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