morning bike commute notes and Monday Magpie

morning bike commute notes:
I was cyclist #498 westbound at Tilikum Crossing– usually I’m a half hour earlier and in the 500s. It’s a shame, because it’s a beautiful morning with a touch of frost and more than a touch of sunshine.
today’s theme: people unexpectedly in suits, like, while jogging (not just to the bus stop), or with a backpack.

Monday Magpie:
ahahaha, Gifaanisqatsi

2 thoughts on “morning bike commute notes and Monday Magpie

  1. I absolutely can’t imagine jogging in a. suit. But I sweat like crazy regardless of the weather conditions. Yay for mornings with sunshine!

  2. I remember way back when cell phones were rare and brick-sized, I was in a costumes-encouraged 5k and there was someone running as a harried businessman– suit, phone, and briefcase. :D

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