tricksy books

I just did the bulk of the work of alphabetizing and categorizing my “Books Read 2015” list. A few times I had to override my brain’s first inclination:

I listened to the audiobook version of World War Z, performed multivoice as a series of interviews. It was very hard not to categorize it as nonfiction.

Ditto for The Martian, even though I read it in print. (Haven’t seen the movie.) I’d say it was because of all the technical details, but Steven Gould’s Exo had that too, and didn’t trip the nonfiction switch.

I read Falling From Horses in print, but the first-person narration was so sure and real that my brain is convinced I heard it as an audiobook.

I expect to add at least one more book and clean it all up a bit…will post a link and my favorites in a few days!