rabbit rabbit!

2013 First Lines meme. This post is to be excluded from the 2014 First Lines meme!

January: I had a lovely holiday season with family and friends and road trips.

February: This is far from the first time I’ve meant to participate in the Wednesday reading meme, but the first time I’ve gotten as far as starting a post.

March: Just finished: Sarah Schulman’s The Gentrification of the Mind, a mix of personal stories, history, and analysis.

April: Yesterday I went to see Eileen Myles at Reed.

May: To my surprise, I was invited to a Jeopardy audition after all!

June: ALL I wanted my dad to do was sign the Reba McIntyre CD so I could send it in and get… um, I don’t remember now.

July: I signed up for my first fic exchange, The Exchange at Fic Corner 2013!

August: [no entries]

September: I replaced my damaged Scarlatti keyboard sonatas CD with one by Dubravka Tomsic.

October: Remember how I was rereading all the Ramona books to get ready for a fic exchange?

November: Last weekend I took Friday and Monday off work, and Sang and I drove out to Stub Stewart State Park to stay in a one-room cabin, sans internet.

December: When I’m idly googling hot fudge sauce, most of the recipes call for cream or evaporated milk, neither of which I keep around.