I’ve come to think of September as the month of critters, though I didn’t notice it til after Sang and I spent a September backpacking, and the camp critters saw us as their Last Hope after the summer car camping season was over. So far this year:

  • the Charming Little Roommate needed her flea stuff for the first time since spring.
  • the spiders are spinning across every path and doorway, and will spend the next weeks getting bigger and bigger.
  • yellow jackets come to investigate our lunches when we eat in the brick plaza on campus.
  • surprised a rat in the basement and ordered a trap for it, as Simone does not seem interested. (Of course, Sang thinks Simone brought it inside in the first place and then got bored and skipped off.)
  • Just got back from a face-off with Max the Horrible Cat. I had a broom, but brandishing it makes him engage and advance toward me, hissing. I went back to the house for the squirt bottle. I don’t really understand why a little water in the face is worse than the threat of being clobbered with a broom, but I’m grateful¬†something¬†dissuades him. He is the worst cat.

On the plus side, there’s a nice chorus of crickets tonight.