continuing a series

Pretty sure I’m the only person who knows it, but this blog tracks kidlit-related Miss Universe National Costumes!

(The original links are dead, but previously, 2013’s Miss Denmark Cecilia Iftikhar as The Little Mermaid:

woman in sparkly blue strapless bra and floor-length fishtail skirt

and 2016’s Miss Sweden Iva Ovmar as Pippi Longstocking:)

woman in spotted dress and red-braid wig, brandishing a large paper horse overhead

The belated new addition, which I discovered thanks to sang’s sending me nonasuch’s tumblr post, is 2023’s Miss Finland Paula Joukanen as Little My!

woman walking a runway in short red dress and high black bootscartoon of Little My, a character in red dress, pink tie, and boots, with hair in a bun and a determined, mischievous expression